BK Archives Project (March to May 2010 report to RCOs)

To discuss the BK and PBK versions of the factual Yagya history from the beginning.
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BK Archives Project (March to May 2010 report to RCOs)

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For those of us interested in the ongoing efforts of historical revision within the BKWSU, here is a copy of BK Dr Wendy Sargent's BK Archives Project (March to May 2010 report to RCOs).
BK Archives Project (March to May 2010 report to RCOs) - BK Dr Wendy Sargent
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One might notice the difference between it and the later 'October 2011 Yugya Story Summary' circulated by the BKWSU mentioned, here.

The lack of development, suggests this works has a low priority within the BKs. Wendy is to be congratulated on the honesty of many of her findings which debunk the Adi Dev and commonly held beliefs within BKs, and makes some interesting points of the way the real history has been received in the West. Unfortunately, she continues to makes a number of surprising mistakes and is obviously still struggling to defend 'received wisdom', e.g. laying blame on BK followers for speculation over certain issues when, in fact, they come right from the top; the Murlis or materials authorized directly by Lehkraj Kripalani.

Wendy died on April 27, 2011. Work seems to have gone backwards since then but it shows the BKWSU is developing an historical archive, doing a lot of research, and contacting many individuals and organizations.

This report does not seem to have been widely circulated amongst followers and it has been said that, whereas in Australia Adi Dev has been removed from the public, in India, it remains the "official history".
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