Goverment did not allow the name univeristy

To discuss the BK and PBK versions of the factual Yagya history from the beginning.
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Goverment did not allow the name univeristy

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from Sakar Murli 08.01.1967, just about at the end ... uary-1967/

"Age ham ne university akshar likhva tha. To gavernment ne university naam rakhne nahi diya. Ab vishva vidyaalay to naam rakha hai. Ab vishvavidyalay ya university baat ek hi hai. Kitna sanjhaya, are, yeh godfatherly university hai jisme manushya se devta banne ki nalej dete hai. Kitna samjaya, parantu kaha ki government ki kayda nahi hai. Ab unse kaun matha mare. Har ek ki mat apni apni hai. "

"Before, we were writing the word university. So, the government did not allow keeping the name university. Now, the name vishva vidyaalay is kept. Now, vishvavidyalay or univeristy, it is the same thing. How much was explained, come on, this is God fatherly univeristy in which the knowledge to become from human to deity is given. How much was explained, but they said that it is not the norm of the government. Now, who is going to beat his head with them. Everyone's opinion is his own. "
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