Spiritual obsessive compulsive disorder

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Spiritual obsessive compulsive disorder

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Diagnosis DSM jyothirling 1st edition)
Stuck in the past experience of this lifetime or drama.
Able to think logically about this life time but poor logic when it comes to 5000 year old drama
Stuck in defaming one leader for example (Ram bap or one dodgy from bk)
Stuck in sex lust
Stuck in greed
Stuck in anger
Stuck in body consciousness
Compulsive negative thought and cannot come out of it
Sitting in meditation and hard to come out of meditation when meditation is finished
Having disturbed thought against someone living today at someone from history.
Stuck in knowledge on literal base but cannot make any inference by comparing past present and future of the last 5000 years.
Please feel to discuss further. Baba found us as monkeys wandering around so do not feel ashamed cleaning up our sin by using 5000 year old drama and the knowledge of Supreme Soul.
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